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Schedule one of the following Private Music Sessions and help Giselle realize her fundraising goals to purchase a harmonium and sound equipment for her upcoming musical events.  You can also just donate via PayPal further down this page.  Thanks for your support!  Sometimes it just takes a village!  Contact Giselle for all the details via email or call.
  • Drumming Meditation - Learn how to use drumming as an active meditation tool.  No instruments required.
  • Kirtan 101 - Learn how to incorporate the ancient/contemporary practice of sacred chanting.
  • Singing in Spirit - An inspirational Sing-along and vocal experience.
  • Performance Power Coaching - see details below
  • Beginning Hand Drumming Lesson - Learn how to play the djembe ergonomically and joyfully.

SINGLES FOR THE SOUL (Almost there...) 
ORIGINAL MUSIC by Giselle Felicia Vivian
Thank you for checking out Giselle's latest musical offerings available for purchase and download.  The following singles feature her talents as a multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/songwriter and composer who has been inspired by her classical roots, spiritual journey and healing service. As a music therapist, her role is that of healing and empowering others through music.   May these singles bring you greater health and happiness, greater inner peace and wisdom, or just get your spirit grooving!  Album's are currently in the works!  Check back for more releases.  Prices vary per selection.  Thank you for supporting her right-livelihood as a healer and musician and encouraging others to make their own's good karma and greatly appreciated.  If you would like to support her productions with a donation, thank you! Sometimes it takes a village.  Happy listening!

GISELLE FELICIA VIVIAN, BM CHT has had the joy of making music for most of her life.  She has expressed her musical gifts as a singer/songwriter, classical and contemporary violist, kirtan musician (singing, playing harmonium, drumming), clinical music therapist, and, drum circle facilitator.  She is currently beginning a new chapter of her life, after returning from travels on the west coast.  She has been serving clients in Santa Fe/Albuquerque, NM for the past 20 years. 

She has worked as an orchestra manager with the Los Angeles Philharmonic Institute, The Debut Orchestra of the Young Musicians Foundation, and Disney's Young Musicians Symphony Orchestra and also in arts administration with the Santa Fe Symphony & Chorus and Santa Fe Opera.  Her experience as a soloist, ensemble musician (chamber music, symphony and chamber orchestra), a studio session player, and freelance musician have given her the practice and wisdom to coach others.  Coupled with her use of hypnosis and imagery for performance enhancement, she is able to support musicians of all ages and levels and those seeking to boost their talents to a higher level of expression. 

Learn to harness the power of the subconscious mind to boost your creative self-expression and success as a musician or actor.  Both amateurs and professionals can be faced with the challenges of performance anxiety, difficulty focusing during practice/performance, and memorization.  Composers/songwriters/playwrights can also suffer from the well-known writer’s block.  In addition to the creative side of self-expression as a musician or actor, many lack the self-confidence needed to audition, compete, negotiate, and make the gig a reality. Develop your PERFORMANCE POWER and take things to the next level.

In addition, Giselle Felicia Vivian, BM CHT offers private coaching to newly formed ensembles of all styles of music that are beginning the journey of working together.  The success of any performing ensemble involves musical rapport, communication, like-minded priorities, and  a commitment to honing the craft as individuals and a group.

Contact her for more information about private coaching sessions, groups, and presentations.

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