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A message from Giselle....

Welcome to ONE HEARTBEAT!  I look forward to supporting you with one of the services offered, or, just sharing a moment together in community at one of our upcoming community gatherings or events.  Read more here about available healing/coaching consultations.  Visit our other site here to learn more about our Rhythm Events and Programs via ONE HEARTBEAT RHYTHM CIRCLES.

This is a time of great transformation and stress for so many.  If you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and/or just need some clarity, you are in the right place to receive compassionate support, guidance, and the empowerment of skills and practices that will allow you to discover the power of inner peace!  You are not alone.  The heart-centered healing and music experiences offered are here to invite greater mastery, creative expression, authenticity and well-being for mind, body, spirit and soul!

From the place of inner peace and inspired mindfullness, you will experience greater clarity, understanding, and emotional calmness.   You will be better able to support the body/mind with greater access to it's innate and natural healing potential too!   

From this state of being, you become a conscious co-creator and designer of your life, while allowing your highest good to guide you.  You allow the unlimited Spirit Within, the Divine Spark that you are to shine brighter and more fully in all areas of your life and in the world.  The time is now!   

Like you, I have been on a journey of self-discovery, mastery, and mystery.  Let us come together to learn, heal, play, pray and live fully!  Whether it is personal growth work or creative expression, empowerment and play, ONE HEARTBEAT is an invitation to live consciously, authentically, and joyfully.  This healing and music ministry is here to affirm a blessed and fulfilling life for you as an individual and a prosperous, peace-filled, loving and compassionate world for all.

May 2019 bring you great blessings, health, peace and the realization of your heart's desires!         
Rev.  Giselle Felicia Vivian 

Downloadable products are also being developed to support your personal, spiritual, and professional growth and development.  Check back for our latest offerings!

Here's what a hypno/coaching client has to share about working with Giselle:

"Giselle is an amazing healer and teacher.  I went to see Giselle at a very sad time in my life.  It seemed like I had no control over my relationships and career, and felt anxious and hopeless.  Working with Giselle has freed me from self-limiting beliefs and opened my life up to all the possibilities.  Giselle provides powerful imagery and affirmations that have guided me to happy, meaningful relationships and a success at work.  

Thank you Giselle for providing me with clarity in the decisions I make and thank you for helping me move forward to find happiness!  The work Giselle does is life-changing, and I'm lucky to have found her."  
Business Professional, ABQ, NM

Heart-Centered Healing

  • Hypnosis & Imagery
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Energy Healing
  • Life & Performance Coaching
  • Spiritual Counseling 
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If you are experiencing a medical emergency, 
please call 911 directly.

Giselle Felicia Vivian  
Minister - Coach - Hypnotherapist - Healer 
Musician - Music Therapist - Songwriter

 Office Hours:  Tues. - Fri. 
10 am- 5 pm    
Ask about Evening/Weekend 

(505) 850-6750   

Email, Phone, &  ZOOM/Skype Consultations

 Available By Appointment

Music Services

Feel The Power...Awaken Your Spirit...Share The Joy!
  • Playshops, Training, Retreats
  • Private Instruction
  • Facilitation for Special Events

Devotional Singing & Chanting Events/Retreats

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Facebook Recommendations:

Matthew Blank wrote a recommendation 

"Giselle has helped me more fully embody my performing...beyond words.  She has a true gift for coaching. Blessings, sister!" 

Ginny Bullock wrote:

"Giselle is a dedicated light worker. I love her new site.  Check it out for sure if you want to transform your life."

Living Social Clients say:

"Fantastic experience -- highly recommend this to anyone  who wants to see changes in their life."  L.G.    

"An enjoyable experience...the hypnotist was very thorough in explaining everything." R. I. 

"Very interesting, have always been curious about this!  Very positive experience." M.G. 

"Some great insights to those parts of us that  are subconscious."  C.C. 

"A wonderful experience." D.P.

About our fees...

Rev. Giselle Felicia Vivian is an independent, non-denominational Universal Life Church Minister, and Musician, offering services to the community-at-large, including fees based on a sliding scale and outreach basis.  Pro Bono/Scholarships and Discounted or Donation Based Fees have been offered to worthy individuals and organizations throughout her activities in California and New Mexico. To maintain the authenticity of this ministry, ONE HEARTBEAT is currently operating as a sole-proprietorship.   ONE HEARTBEAT RHYTHM CIRCLES is a program of this ministry.  Those able to pay full market rate fees for services and events support the ability to continue outreach opportunities.  Thanks for your patronage, contributions and support.  It takes a village!  Visit our current fundraiser at www.gofundme.com

If you are serious about your desire to uplift and transform your life and are currently experiencing financial hardship, just call to discuss your needs.  Blessings!


Please complete this request form to be added to our prayer list.  Your prayer request will remain for 30 days.  We affirm and give thanks for the Grace and Loving Compassion that surrounds you and your loved ones now as Divine Order and Wisdom prevails for the good of all. Thank you, God! And So it is!  Amen.
Blessings and peace,
Rev. Giselle Felicia Vivian, ONE HEARTBEAT

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