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"Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it."
                          -Buddha, the Dhammapada
Private Sessions with Giselle Felicia Vivian, BM CHT are currently available by appointment in Albuquerque, NM via
Email, phone, and Skype/ZOOM for these healing/coaching sessions. 

Can you use these words to describe your life?

Authentic (adj.)
Definition: genuine; real

Aware (adj.)
Definition:  knowing; realizing; conscious

Living (adj.)
Definition:  alive; having life


As your coach, I will keep you accountable to the vision you desire.  As your healing arts facilitator, I will share and teach you some energy medicine tools and healing techniques that you can continue to use for the rest of your life. As a non-denominational minister, I will respect and honor your unique spiritual paradigm and your choice to empower all your healing and growth as part of your spiritual unfoldment and/or personal development.  Click here for healing bio


Life Coaching & Spiritual Counseling -
Create the life you imagine.  Define success, health, creative and other personal growth and achievement goals.  Begin to take inspired action.  Develop the practices that nurture your spirit and personal wisdom. Make a commitment to the process of transformation with a compassionate coach who will keep you on track. 

Hypnosis & Imagery - Learn how to harness the power of your subconscious mind for greater health, happiness, comfort, and confidence.  Move forward with greater Self-understanding and the ability to master self-hypnosis and imagery as life-long tools in your self-care kit.     

Energy Medicine & Energy Healing - Create energetic balance that supports the body's natural healing potential for healthy functioning and comfort, and, releases emotional stress.  Learn how to balance your chakras and meridians.  Facilitate greater personal insight and spiritual awareness.  Private sessions.  Study groups planned for Fall 2017.  More info in August.

Visit to learn more about the healing power of rhythm!

Contact Giselle Felicia Vivian via email to request a brief phone or SKYPE consultation to discuss the services listed above. Please indicate your preference for a email, phone or SKYPE follow-up and best times to reach you.  Include related contact info and best time to follow-up.

Office sessions are scheduled during daytime business hours - Tues - Thursday.  Limited evening sessions during the week are currently available. Session fees vary depending on length of session and service being requested.  Learn more during your brief consultation.  Fees are due 24 hours in advance for remote/phone/skype sessions, or at the start to the session for office visits (when available).  Please make payment payable to One Heartbeat.  

For Paypal Payment, Click Here

Cancellation Policy:  Must give written notice of cancellation via email  no less than 24-hour prior to scheduled session to avoid being charged the full session fee.  No phone or skype texts for this notification accepted.  Thank you.

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