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"Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it."   ~ Buddha, the Dhammapada

Can you use these words to describe your life?

Authentic (adj.) ~ Definition: genuine; real
Aware (adj.) ~ Definition:  knowing; realizing; conscious
Living (adj.) ~ Definition:  alive; having life
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All you need is a phone and headset/microphone for phone and SKYPE or ZOOM sessions.  

Remote/Proxy Energy Healing Sessions are also available via Email.  You will receive a full report following your pre-paid session.

Limited In-Person Appointments available subject to availability. See calendar for location of events and classes offered.


As your Hypno-EnergeticsTM Life Coach and Practitioner, I will keep you accountable to the vision you desire for your life. Together, we will clarify your goals, empower your vision, and transform any unconscious limiting beliefs or behaviors sabotaging your forward movement toward the realization of your desired life.  We will also address the emotional/physical stress that  is toxic and a risk to your greater physical well-being and inner peace.  So much of our perceived failure, challenge or sabotage comes from the accumulated perceptions held in our subconscious mind. Much from our earliest years in life when we were unaware of the limitations and the impact they would later generate in our lives.   We are also energetic beings impacted vibrationally by life and those around us.  Imbalances and blockages also contribute to what we experience everyday. You have the power to release those unwanted influences and align them to support your conscious desire for success, prosperity, health and happiness.   There has never been a better time to create the life you imagine!

Hypno-EnergeticsTM is the culmination of 30+ years of study and experience as a healing arts practitioner and hypnotherapist,  facilitating and empowering individuals in creating an authentic and inspired life. Giselle Felicia Vivian has been devoted to educating and catalyzing individuals in the practices that sustain long-term results.  Clients begin by defining
 success, health, creative and other personal growth and achievement goals authentically and begin to take daily inspired action.  They develop the practices that best support them.  Some of the modalities used include mindfulness meditation, affirmations, hypnosis and imagery, meridian tapping, kinesiology, energy medicine exercises, creative expression and spiritual practice.  The ideal client is one who is ready to make a commitment to the process of transformation with a compassionate coach who will keep you on track.

Some individuals have more targeted short-term goals and choose to focus on hypnotherapy and imagery or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Meridian Tappig as their sole transformative tools.  Here are some goals addressed...

Decrease Stress & Anxiety
Release Unwanted Weight
Overcome Stage Fright
Become More Prospersous
Release Fears & Phobias
Make Healthy Changes
Study & Test Better
Increase Focus & Clarity
Boost Self-Confidence
Eliminate Bad Habits 
Improve Sports Performance
Deepen Spirituality
Increase Self-Esteem
Accelerate Healing/Prep for Surgery Achieve Your Personal & Business Goals Learn Self-Hypnosis

Visit to learn more about the healing power of rhythm!

Contact Giselle Felicia Vivian via email to request a brief phone or SKYPE consultation to discuss the services listed above. Please indicate your preference for a email, phone or SKYPE follow-up and best times to reach you.  Include related contact info and best time to follow-up.  You will receive a new client intake form which must me returned prior to your appointment.

Office sessions are scheduled during daytime business hours - Tues - Thursday.  Limited evening sessions during the week are currently available. Session fees vary depending on length of session and service being requested.  Learn more during your brief consultation.  Fees are due 48 hours in advance for remote/phone/skype sessions, or at the start to the session for office visits (when available).  Please make payment payable to One Heartbeat.  

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Cancellation Policy:  Must give written notice of cancellation via email  no less than 24-hour prior to scheduled session to avoid being charged the full session fee.  No phone or skype texts for this notification accepted.  Thank you.

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