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Welcome!  My name is Giselle Felicia Vivian and I invite you to explore the creative healing and consulting services offered via private consultations, events, phone sessions, or SKYPE to support you or your organization in the attainment of your wellness and empowered living goals.  These days, we find ourselves more stressed than ever and at greater risk for unwanted health challenges. Imbalances in our energy systems can affect our health, emotions, and ability to realize the life we want to live and our everyday productivity.   

Since beginning my healing arts and music ministry in 1989, I have explored, studied and mastered various healing arts practices that support a healthier mind-body-energy connection and more fulfilled living. I have been devoted to teaching, inspiring, facilitating and celebrating others ability to transform their lives and well-being.  I am also a musician who loves creating harmony and joy in the world and empowering other performers to achieve their unique Performance Power.

I invite you to take charge of your self-care and authentic personal development today. You see, you can learn how to support the body's natural ability to heal itself, and how to transform limited thoughts, behaviors, and habits.  You have the power to determine what success looks like in your life, perform with greater confidence and empower the realization of a healthier and happier you .  

I am here to offer professional, confidential expertise and support.  Contact me today to request a brief phone/SKYPE consultation to move forward in empowering your life with greater health and happiness.  Visit to learn more about my music therapy consulting and interactive-rhythm events for wellness and fun.

Wishing you a healthy and happy heartbeat!

Giselle Felicia Vivian, BM CHT
Albuquerque, NM

Here's an affirmation to kick-off the new day and create the life you imagine!

"I am the living expression of inspired truth, joyful action,
 wholeness, love, compassion, peace and prosperity."

Take time to affirm your hearts desire each day and just before you sleep. I look forward to hearing about the blessings and transformation in your life and the beneficial impact it is creating in our world!  For more affirmations click here

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