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What happens when you dare to create the life you imagine?

Most of us deal with some form of limiting belief, thought, or behavior that keeps the richness and joy of life away.  

If you are ready to learn, grow, and express your unique talents, gifts, and abilities with passion, confidence, and greater joy, or desire to learn how to master the mind-body connection for accelerated healing, physical and emotional stress release, and overall well-being,  I invite you to explore this site and learn more about my offerings.  I also offer music, products and events that can serve to enrich your life and support you.

They say the answer is simple but not easy.  Sometimes it takes a little daring to move forward into greater health and happiness.  When we allow the unlimited part of our true selves to guide us, when we become more mindful, living with conscious intention, and also take inspired action, we create the life we imagine.

Isn't it time to start enjoying greater health, prosperity, joy, and purpose?
I look foward to supporting you in claiming that authentic life that only you can live!  Remember, you get to define success, value, and meaning for yourself. Don't forget, that with true personal and/or spiritual growth comes the understanding that you are a part of something bigger and more beautiful in life. At anytime, you can join others in making this a world that works for all!

Its time to understand it is not "either or", but "and" that expresses prosperity. Celebrate all that you are! 

Blessings and peace,

Giselle Felicia Vivian, BM CHT

Here's an affirmation to kick-off the new day and
create the life you imagine!

"I am the living expression of inspired truth, joyful action,
 wholeness, love, compassion, peace and prosperity."

Take time to affirm your hearts desire each day and
just before you sleep.

I look forward to hearing about the blessings and transformation in your life and the beneficial impact it is creating in our world!

Please visit:  to learn more about our current rhythm-based programs for recreation, wellness and empowerment. 

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