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Locations & RSVP may vary per event

Community Groove
Drum Circle

Saturday, June 16th, 1pm
Rio Grande Ctr for Spiritual Living
RSVP to insure Instrument Loan
$10 Suggested Admission Exact Change Please.

Drumming Meditation 
Monday, June 11th at 7pm 
$10 Suggested  Love Offering
RSVP Required (505) 850-6750

One Voice, One Heart
otional Singing & Chanting
w/ Giselle Felicia Vivian

Next Kirtan:  Friday, June 15th, 7pm
$10 Suggested Love Offering
RSVP Required (505) 850-6750

Giselle Felicia Vivian, BM CHT
Minister, Musician, Healing Arts Practitioner      Email, Phone, and Skype Consultations Available 

What if you could know your heart's desires and live them?
What if you could harness the innate healing wisdom of your body?
What if you woke up each day with passion, purpose, and prosperity?

One Heartbeat is all it takes to decide you can begin to live a more conscious, inspired, healthy and empowered life! You have been given a great gift ~ Life! You have also been given the ability to make choices.  Each day is a new opportunity to decide, create, and manifest your life.  Unfortunately, we may be limited by the inner unconscious beliefs and expectations that keep us from expressing all we were designed to be and have.  We may also be suffering from the energy imbalances that impede our comfort, health and well-being, in addition to our prosperity and success - a success that is authentic and defined by each alone.

Since the late 80's, I have been on a journey seeking cutting-edge healing modalities that support individuals with creative and soulful living.  Besides my life as a Clinical Music Therapist, Energy Healer, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach, I am a creative being who has sought to bring into fruition a paradigm of "and".  I choose to leave behind the limitations of"either/or".  How about you?  

I am a non-denominational minister, a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, and like you, I continue to discover and expand my understanding of my full potential, day by day.  There is much I have learned.  Most important, we have the power to create a life that reflects our conscious and unconscious beliefs.  When they are positively aligned, our lives flow with greater well-being, joy and happiness.  Even, the times of challenge strengthen us and invite greater self-understanding and re-commitment to our power to co-create a life that gives birth to our deepest hopes, dreams and desires.  We can reclaim healing and wholeness for mind, body and spirit.  Are you ready for some healing transformation?

I look forward to supporting you with one of the services offered, or, just sharing a moment together in community at one of our upcoming gatherings or events.  I offer a Drumming Meditation, Rhythm Event Facilitation for special events, Community Drum Circles, Kirtan, and other spiritual/creative/educational events.  

Please remember, you are loved and deserve a life that reflects your authentic vision.  Don't settle for less.   Claim your God-given greatness and create it now! May your heartbeat be healthy and joy-filled!

Blessings on your journey,

What trapped emotions are holding you back from your creative energy, prosperity, health or happiness?  Schedule a 30-minute Emotion Code Phone or SKYPE Session today and give your self the gift of healing and well-being.  You deserve it!    This cutting edge energy healing technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson has been transforming lives all over the globe.  Take advantage of this introductory offer today! 

The suggested minimum donation is $30, Full Value $60.  (New client's only)

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Here's what a hypno/coaching client has to share about working with Giselle:

Giselle is an amazing healer and teacher.  I went to see Giselle at a very sad time in my life.  It seemed like I had no control over my relationships and career, and felt anxious and hopeless.

Working with Giselle has freed me from self-limiting beliefs and opened my life up to all the possibilities.  Giselle provides powerful imagery and affirmations that have guided me to happy, meaningful relationships and a success at work.  

Thank you Giselle for providing me with clarity in the decisions I make and thank you for helping me move forward to find happiness!

The work Giselle does is life-changing, and I'm lucky to have found her."  Business Professional, ABQ, NM

Here's an affirmation to kick-off the new day and create the life you imagine!

"I am the living expression of inspired truth, joyful action,  wholeness, love, compassion, peace and prosperity."

Take time to affirm your hearts desire each day and just before you sleep. I look forward to hearing about the blessings and transformation in your life and the beneficial impact it is creating in our world! For more affirmations click here

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